Travel Information

This part of our website contains information about travelling to and from our site. It contains information such as local cycle paths, bus stops and timetables, together with any relevant information about local roadworks which could cause delays when travelling to and from the centre.

It is our aim to encourage staff and learners to use the most eco-friendly means of travel such as walking or cycling, however, we appreciate that this isn't always possible because of the distances some staff and learners travel to attend our centre and therefore we provide learners with on-site parking.

A sheltered and secure cycle compound for staff and learners use is provided on site, however, we do not provide locks inside the compound - therefore it is your responsibility to keep your cycle secure whilst parked on our site.

The most efficient way to travel to our site is by using public transport or walking if possible. Further information on the cycle routes and pedestrian pathways, together with the nearest bus stops and bus timetables can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant documents below.

There is also an application form below for apprentices to apply for a Think Smart bus pass which is to be used for up to 100 journeys to and from our site or the employer's site.