Policies, Procedures and Guidance Booklets

There are a number of policies, procedures and guidance documents that exist for both learners and employers. Copies of the latest handbooks can be found at the bottom of the page. This year we have also developed an information booklet for parents which can be accessed by clicking here. We can supply you with the handbooks once they have been finalised for this year.

These handbooks contain a range of information relating to what is expected of learners on programme, the support services available to them and information about how information is shared with employers and other agencies.


Gloucestershire Engineering Training is committed to ensuring that there is equality of opportunity for all learners that undertake a programme of learning. We are committed to ensuring within the framework of the law that our workplaces are free from unlawful or unfair discrimination. Further details on our policy and procedure can be found in the apprentice handbook.


Gloucestershire Engineering Training believes that it is unacceptable for a learner to experience abuse of any kind and recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all learners by commitment to practice that protects them. Our Safeguarding policy states the organisations safeguarding practices and explain the procedures that should be followed in the event that anyone has a concern or suspicion that someone may be the victim of harm or abuse.

The Designated Person with overall responsibility for Safeguarding with the training centre is the Chief Executive Officer. Gloucestershire Engineering Training also occupies a seat on the Gloucester Safeguarding Children's Board (Educational Sub-committee) to ensure that the group is up to date with all the relevant legislation and case law that underpins the topic. Further information regarding the safeguarding policy and safer recruitment policy are contained in the apprentice handbook.


Gloucestershire Engineering Training runs the centre just like a business, therefore applying rules and regulations that learners will be expected to abide by when they return to their employers premises. Whilst we are very strict on discipline, it is essential to maintain these standards to ensure that every apprentice that leaves the training centre is not only appropriately skilled and qualified, but are also demonstrating the appropriate work ethics which will be expected of them by their employers.

We have a comprehensive disciplinary procedure which is approved and endorsed by every employer who uses our training services. Whilst on our premises, all learners will comply with all policies and procedures contained in the Apprentice Handbook and are subject to our Disciplinary Procedures. Any action taken under Gloucestershire Engineering Training's Disciplinary Procedure will be reported to the sponsor company without delay.

Please note that our disciplinary procedure is not related to the learners' employment status, however, in the majority of cases employers instigate their own disciplinary proceedings alongside Gloucestershire Engineering Training's disciplinary procedure in order to maintain quality and consistency between all staff in their employ.

Further details on the above policies and many more can be found in the Learner Handbook.


Gloucestershire Engineering Training will ensure that all complaints are dealt with promptly and consistently and are handled with courtesy and fairness. Further details can be found in our complaints policy.